$ 7.00

Black Cherry Scent: Irresistible signature scent sweet and rich blend of black cherry and wild berries with hints of mimosa and vanilla. With top notes of wild blueberry, bergamot, blackberry, vanilla cream and raspberry. Grounded with a robust cherry and orange with a hint of cinnamon. 

5 oz Soap Body Bars

This soap body bar is smooth, silky, and luxurious on the skin. It has a high glycerin content, which gives it excellent moisturizing properties, leaving the skin feeling soft and hydrated after use. The texture is creamy and gentle, making it suitable for most skin types. Glycerin soap lathers well and rinses off easily, leaving behind a clean and refreshed feeling without any residue

Phthalate Free


 *Patch Testing: With any new product it is recommended to test a small amount by placing it on the inside of arm or bend of the elbow. Wait 24 hours to ensure allergic reaction does not occur. If at any point allergic reaction occurs discontinue use.

*Not for consumption*